Friday, November 02, 2007

Mukasey For Attorney General

There has been much hyperventilation among the nutroots over Bush's nomination of Michael Mukasey for Attorney General. Supposedly they want him to be voted down in committee because he won't say "waterboarding" is torture. It doesn't matter that it's not legally defined as such, they want him on record as declaring it so that Bush, Cheney, and others can be charged with war crimes. Yes, they still have the fantasy of them being frogmarched before the World Court. Added to the mix are those who just don't want to let Bush get his way on anything.

Today Senator's Feinstein and Schumer have announced they'll vote for him, and with the nine Republicans on the committee, his nomination should easily move on to the Senate floor, where he's expected to confirmed with the backing of conservative and moderate Democrats, especially Joe Lieberman.

Already the wails are rising from the likely quarters. In their minds voting for Mukasey is a vote for torture. Poor things. You'd think they'd be happy with Feinstein voicing her support by saying he's not Alberto Gonzales, their previous bogey-man.