Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Connecticut, Etc.

It's over. Lamont took out Lieberman (52%-48%). Lieberman will run as an independent in November. Lefty reaction here and here(language warning on the second one).

In my earlier post I said Lieberman is a liberal/progressive on most issues other than Iraq. According to Andrew Sullivan he's to the right of a few Republicans on the war. Come to think of it Lieberman has tried to portray himself as more of a centrist on some issues, such as that Plan B contraception thing the lefties got so worked up about (Rape Gurney Joe). I seem to remember, however, that his overall voting record as a Senator is something like 90% liberal. I'll have to do some research on the specifics, but it seems likely that his run as an independent will be more clearly centrist because he'll want to pick up moderate Dems and Republicans. I saw the Republican guy (Schlessinger) on TV the other day. He seemed to be just going through the motions of running. The last time I looked at Connecticut polls he registered at about 8% in a race between Lieberman as independent and Lamont as Democrat in the November. Hot Air has video of Lamont's victory speech (which I can't get to work).

Cynthia McKinney is out in Georgia. Surprisingly, in her concession speech she implied the election was stolen.

I'll have more later on what is now being called "fauxtography" as the wire photo scandal continues to widen. Jeff Goldstein gives an indication of just how quickly this is taking off, in the blogosphere if not the MSM.
Took a brief nap this afternoon, and while I was asleep an entire propaganda war waged by “photojournalists,” stringers, caption writers, and bureau editors unraveled like a cheap sweater snagged on a bit of twisted metal infrastructure.