Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reuters Wire Photos Under Fire

Beginning yesterday, it came to the attention of various bloggers such as Little Green Footballs, Ace of Spades, Michelle Malkin, and others, that something just wasn't right about a photo from the Reuters news wire posted on Yahoo!. That's the picture up top. Well, after all the commotion in the blogosphere, Reuters finally "killed" the picture and explained that is had done so because "photo editing software was improperly used. Which, naturally, makes me wonder just what the proper use is. Hopefully that just means getting bugs off it or something. There are more updates coming in and the blogs are still buzzing so I will be updating as necessary. You can see a before/after animation here.

Update: Ace now reports that Adnan Hajj, the photograher responsible for the hideous photoshop, claims the reason he did it was to remove dust marks and he was also working in bad lighting conditions. Yeah, that's believeable.
LGF calls it the "worst excuse of the decade" and says this about Reuters:
Notice they don’t accept any of the blame themselves, even though any competent editor should have noticed the fraudulent nature of this photograph long before it reached the newswires.
Dan Riehl has found even more photos from Mr. Hajj that are mighty suspicious.