Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ann Coulter Fails to Live Down to Moonbat Expectations

John Hawkins at Right Wing News comments today on a story I read the other day by Rick Jacobs at Huffington Post. Jacobs is all a twitter because he spotted Ann Coulter eating at a gay owned restaurant in West Hollywood. Naturally, he thought he had a scoop, so much so that he had to take a picture of her to put on his post.

Mr. Jacobs is apparently one of those who's convinced that Coulter hates gay people, ostensibly because she used the F word in regard to John Edwards. Hawkins points out that the normal reaction Jacobs should have had to seeing her in that restaurant would have been to wonder if he was wrong about her all along. But no. Instead he gleefully reports to his readers how he went over to her table and pestered her in between references comparing her to Hitler, etc. This is standard moonbat behavior. Oh, and he also flat out lies about her in this passage:
How many adolescents in mid-America have heard Ms. Coulter saying they are "faggots," subhumans who should die, just so she could eat dinner at a gay-owned establishment and pay with blood money? How many lives have ended so that Ms. Coulter can giggle and guzzle in West Hollywood?
If you click the link you'll see that it goes to some gossip page talking about her using "faggot". The rest of that comes right out of Mr. Jacobs' imagination. As I've pointed out before, moonbats put up a link and then lie about what it leads to, knowing most of their fellow travelers won't bother clicking it.

For some strange reason he also calls her a hypocrite. Apparently in moonbat English the word is defined as someone who doesn't live down to your expectations. If you can stomach the comment section you'll notice a lot of them include they hypocrisy claim as well, though most of them can't spell it.