Sunday, October 28, 2007

Exposing A Toothless Watchdog

This is pretty hilarious. IAEA head honcho Mohamed ElBaradei is pissed because Israel took out that Syrian site suspected of being a secret nuclear facility. Get a load of the pompous, arrogant, windbaggery:
"That, to me, is very distressful because we have a system; if countries have information that the country is working on a nuclear-related program, they should come to us. We have the authority to go out and investigate," he said.
"But to bomb first and then ask questions later, I think it undermines the system and it doesn't lead to any solution to any suspicion, because we are the eyes and ears of the international community."
So let's get this straight. This worthless bureaucrat didn't even know about the site and still says there was no evidence of it existing, even though we've all seen the pictures. Given that, this guy is upset with Israel for not consulting with him before acting. Because, you know, he's the decider. He's got the title and a Nobel Prize, too! Never mind that he nor his organization have ever stopped any other country from getting nuclear weapons, and don't even think about the fact he's apparently a stooge for Iran or any other middle eastern country that wants to obtain them. How anybody can believe the IAEA and the UN in general are anything other than useless, bureaucratic crony pits is beyond me.

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