Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Senate, House Democrats Continue to Operate in the Real World - Nutroots Out for Blood

As I posted yesterday, the netroots wing of the Democratic party is becoming increasingly disenchanted with the real world Democrats in the House and Senate. Today there's more of the same with the confirmation in the Senate of Leslie Southwick of Mississippi as U.S. Circuit Judge for the fifth circuit. Prominent members of the reality based community are peeved at the Democrats who voted to confirm. Check out the tirade from someone blogging at a place called DownWithTyranny!:
I felt sick this morning when I saw the Republican minority invoke cloture on the attempt by progressives to deny Bush's latest KKK judicial nominee confirmation. Yesterday I warned that Judas goat Ben Nelson was working with Trent Lott in rounding up the votes to thwart the progressive strategy. Thanks to Diane Feinstein (D-CA), he succeeded.
The win today is being cheered by reactionaries, homophobes, Republican partisans, corporate interests, and racists as a huge victory. After the Republicans passed cloture to shut down debate 62-35, Southwick sailed to victory 59-38. So who were the Democrats who screwed us, Democrats who every progressive should do all they can to defeat?

Well, of course, first and foremost is the horrific and utterly corrupt and contemptible Dianne Feinstein, without whose connivance, Southwick would still be bottled up in committee hearings. And then of course, there's Bush's point man inside the Democratic caucus, Ben Nelson. The full list of Democrats who officially joined the GOP for the day:
The poster then goes on to list the names of the supposed Senate turncoats. The roll call vote is here. Feinstein and Ben Nelson are taking the most heat from the lefties because they equate compromise with capitulation. They actually believe the politicians in the House and Senate are supposed to take marching orders from them. Oh, did I mention Joe Lieberman also voted against the moonbats? How long will it be before he makes another appearance in blackface?

Jeralyn Merritt from Talk Left chimes in with her post Who's in Charge? "Dream Act" Fails, Southwick Wins:
With votes like these, it's difficult to believe the Democrats are the majority party in Congress.
The Dream Act she's referring to is yet another setback today for the left and other illegal immigration amnesty advocates. It was shot down in the Senate today, which is a good thing as far as Fred Thompson is concerned. His article from his campaign website: Democrats' DREAM Act is a Nightmare.