Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stark Apologizes for Tirade - Left Circles Wagons Around Dodd

Facing a censure vote in the House for his moonbat outburst last week, Pete Stark apologized today, saying he hopes he can now be as insignificant as he should be. The highlighted part is important, not so much for how it pertains to Stark, but to his message. He's learned that it doesn't pay to stand up in Congress and spew talking points culled from left-wing bloggers. Perhaps it's their message that should now be considered insignificant.

The reality based community isn't taking this brush with reality very well. They're calling Minority Leader John Boehner a cry baby for introducing the censure resolution, which is ironic considering it was their man Stark who broke down and sobbed for five minutes after his apology. They're also highly upset with the Democrats who didn't toe the line. From Booman Tribune:

Just so you know who the cowards are, here are the losers that voted against Rep. Stark.

Jason Altmire (PA), Chris Carney (PA), Joe Donnelly (IN), Brad Ellsworth (IN), Heath Shuler (NC)
And here are the cretins that voted 'present':
Dan Boren (OK), Lincoln Davis (TN), Baron Hill (IN), Tim Mahoney (FL), Charlie Melancon (LA), Dennis Moore (KS)
And, just so you know, these fools hurt Rep. Stark's feelings.

Cry baby, indeed.

Not to be discouraged by the setback with their Stark gambit, word comes now that pressure from the netroots is going to be put on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to stand by Christopher Dodd, their moonbat representative in the Senate. From Greg Sargent:
In a move that will up the pressure on Hillary and Barack Obama to stand firm against the Senate telecom immunity FISA bill, MoveOn and a dozen top progressive blogs will launch an all-out campaign tomorrow to pressure the two Senators into publicly declaring their support for Chris Dodd's threat to place a hold on and filibuster the bill, Election Central has learned.

MoveOn spokesman Adam Green tells me that the group will send out an email to "thousands" of its members tomorrow morning, and thousands more throughout the day, asking them to call the offices of Hillary and Obama and demand that they publicly affirm their support for Dodd.
In another move that points to the significant degree of coordination among the top liberal blogs on the FISA issue, Green says that the following bloggers will also be directing their readers to call Hillary and Obama's offices and press them on this:
DailyKos, Atrios, OpenLeft, Firedoglake, MyDD, Glenn Greenwald, Crooksandliars, AmericaBlog, Digby, Taylor Marsh

Oh, good. At least it will give them something else to do instead of constantly attempting to drum up outrage by taking out of context comments made by Rush Limbaugh and others.

Update: Greg Sargent now reports that a spokesman from the Obama camp has voiced support for filibustering the FISA bill, but with no direct reference to Dodd. Clinton gave a wishy washy answer, but several lefty blogs are reporting she's with Dodd.